Yamuna Yoga Studio





Welcome to Yamuna Yoga Studio, Barbados!     

Yamuna Yoga Studio is a warm, comfortable and supportive studio, a safe

place where all the benefits of a regular yoga practice are yours to discover

and explore… 

At Yamuna we practice what is known as the yoga of will- hatha yoga. Hatha

yoga involves the practice of physical postures- known as asana- with deep

breathing. Both of which provide the body and mind with tremendous


Better posture, improved breath capacity, stronger bones, a healthier

spine, decreased stress levels, all these benefits and more modern science

has validated about this ancient art.

At Yamuna we practice in particular a form of hatha yoga known as Forrest

yoga. Forrest yoga was developed by master teacher Ana Forrest to address

the needs of modern individuals. It is one of the most challenging yet highly

therapeutic forms of yoga available today. Forrest yoga will make you sweat!

Our classes will challenge you like no other! Here you will encounter an

experience that leaves you feeling awake and aware; revitalized, cleansed

and calm.

We welcome all students! 

Our teachers are highly trained, and in fact are the only instructors appropriately

qualified in Barbados to teach the Forrest yoga style. We encourage you to  

browse through the pages of this site to learn more about who we are and

what we do… We look forward to meeting you on the mat!